Advertising and business pictures, professional photo sessions

HALO FOTO is an experienced group of photographers from Krakow specialized in professional advertising, business (portrait, company, reportage), product pictures, also aerial (drones) and panoramic images 360 degrees (virtual walk, street view - license Google). Check out our references...

Product pictures (packshot)

We provide a professional product pictures (packshot), required by every company to conduct offensive marketing policy. Pictures prepared by HALO PHOTO can be used for catalogs, folders, shops and websites, banners, billboards, posters, online auctions (allegro, olx, amazon, etc.).

Pictures of people, products, interiors

We specialize in images of people: face, silhouettes, emotions... Business or company sessions are realized in a professional studio or at client’s location. All photos, including pictures of people, products, interiors, aerial sessions or photoreports are being prepared using the highest class equipment. Preparation of the final file takes approximately 7-14 days.


Advertising pictures
These are the pictures of products, people, places. Our advertising pictures in comparison with product pictures are arranged (prepared in the right place, with different backgrounds, characterization and other elements of stage design - costumes, props, etc.). Advertising sessions are prepared mostly in an indyvidually prepared studio in Krakow. See more…

Business Pictures
represents mostly people wearing official suits (office dresscode, company cloths) in the workplace (office, production hall, etc.). Business pictures emphasizes the professionalism and credibility of people in their customer’s and business partner’s eyes. High-quality business images taken by HALO FOTO can be used in corporate folders, catalogs, presentations, company website, etc. Business photography may also apply to the interiors of an office building: workspace, producition hall or other components of the enterprise infrastructure. See more…

Product pictures (packshot)
Its goal is to present a specific product (or more products / items) so attractive, that the customer only on the basis of one image (or multiple images) is willing to buy this product. We are always looking for an individual approach to products which we are taking photo of. Product pictures are prepared in a professional photographic studio in Krakow, usually on a white background. See more…

Panoramic Photography 360 degrees
is a great way of advertising restaurants, hotels, B & Bs, spas, health clubs and any other objects which interior plays a key role for customers. Thanks to 360 degrees approach in one picture we can see the whole room, allowing the customer to have a much better idea about the interior comparing to watching a few fragmentary pictures. See more…

Photoreport and other
We provide services related to many different fields of professional photography, between others: photo report of different company events, concerts, trade shows, corporate pictures, portraits, fashion, beauty, aerial pictures (photos from drone), the pictures inside buildings - virtual walks (360 degree panorama),  and many other types of photography. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us: (+48) 530 950 900 or e-mail